When remodeling, license is sometimes required

A reader takes up an analysis carried out on June 11 in this section about the modifications to the home, which affect the regulation.

“I have some concerns, regarding the current custom of totally reforming apartments in more or less old buildings, in order to get better prices.

“I ask: to remodel the entire interior of the property is the permission of the curator essential?

“As the specifications of each unit are described in the horizontal property regulations, is it necessary to notarial vary these regulations when making the modifications, even if the original boundaries, the basic columns, the exteriors and the ducts are not affected?”

Answer. In each case, it is necessary to analyze the kind of work to be carried out in the private unit.

Decree 1077 of 2015 defines the different types of construction license that must be obtained from one of the urban curatorship’s or, if applicable, from the planning offices or other municipalities.

Remodelling can include modification, restoration, expansion, structural reinforcement or adaptation works, among others.

In addition, current regulations also define locative repairs, which do not require an urban license.

Among these, it identifies the maintenance, replacement, restitution or improvement of flooring materials, ceilings, veneers and general painting; likewise, it adds the replacement, improvement or expansion of networks of hydraulic, sanitary, electrical, telephone or gas installations, among others.

And he adds that whoever executes the work is responsible for complying with the regulations established for horizontal property and the rules that regulate home public services. This means preventing damages that may be caused to third parties and, if they arise, responding in accordance with the civil laws that regulate the matter.

Finally, it warns that the previous procedures, requirements and regulations applicable to properties of historical, architectural conservation or assets of cultural interest must be met, for which these guidelines are also drawn.

Depending on whether it is a work that requires a license or a locative repair, or if it only warrants the modification of plans or the regulations, it will be necessary to reform the respective deed or the horizontal property regulations.

In addition, it is essential to review the latter to establish what additional requirements must be met, in order to carry out work in private units.

I recommend for any type of work to consult the Bogotá Police Code (article 23), which although it does not apply in other cities and municipalities, it is a good orientation, even to include several of its provisions in the horizontal property regulations and internal

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