property insurance

Houses can also be insured

You are used to insuring your car, your flights, and many other things. But, did you know that there is also insurance that protects real estate? We tell you all about the best ways to protect your assets after buying a home.

When you are looking for home insurance, it is important that it adapts to your protection needs and the characteristics of your home. Today we will talk to you about 3 types of insurance, but consider that within each of them there are different varieties, such as modalities, payment terms and others. Every policy is different! We tell you the general aspects of each one.

Damage Policy

This is the most basic of all, and you probably did not know it but this insurance is required by law when you receive a mortgage loan. What does it cover? This insurance protects the structure of your home in the event of a fire. If an accident occurs and your house is destroyed, the insurer is responsible for facing the outstanding debt with the bank. Speaking of mortgage loans, take advantage of its benefits and dispel the myths.

Multi-risk Policy

This home insurance is often described as a very comprehensive one. How much does it include? There are several things, but it covers what we call the “container” and the “content.” The first is the structure of your home. In the event of a fire, water damage, electrical damage, atmospheric phenomena, theft, cosmetic damage and much more.

Loan Amortization Policy

Simply put, this is life insurance tied to a home loan or personal loan. This insurance is not required by law, but it is highly recommended. In the event of death or permanent disability, it allows the debtor’s family to assume the remaining amount.

Remember that real estate is much more than bricks, it is your heritage and that of your family and we must protect them. If you are still looking for your next home but this process has slowed since the coronavirus arrived in Mexico, discover the safe way to do it here.


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