exercise at home

Goodbye to the gym, hello to exercise at home

If this pandemic has taught anything, it is that there are no limits to everything that can be done from home. It has become very clear that health must always be a priority and an excellent way to take care of it is to exercise. But what if you haven’t been able to go to the gym or use the common areas? Don’t worry, we show you how your home can be an ideal place to play sports.

Create the right environment

There are little corners of the house ideal for exercising because they offer enough space to stretch and do the required movements, look for them and choose the one that you feel most comfortable in: if you like to sweat with a good view, jump to your balcony or do it near a window; If you don’t like doing sports while someone watches you, settle in your room; if you want to add your partner, the room could be perfect. We recommend getting inspired by good music and having a speaker handy. Get comfortable and wear what you need!

Choose your team

If you are one of those who believes that you will have to spend a fortune to buy equipment, such as weights, elliptical or treadmill, you are wrong. If you have any of these tools, amazing! but it is not required. You will need a yoga mat, chairs, and something with enough weight to lift, like jugs of water, bags of rice, or whatever you have on hand.

Set a schedule

Like any recurring activity, success is in generating habits. So to train without excuses, it is best that you block a space of your time to exercise; Follow it without interruption for 20 days, it will become part of your routine and your body will demand it. This, in addition, will allow you to re-establish clear schedules for yourself, which with the pandemic have been so blurred. Set alarms to remind you.

Get guided by an expert

If you are an exercise star and you don’t need anyone to take you by the hand, you are a champion; but for those who have a harder time, doing it with a guided video is an excellent option. Whether you are in front of the TV, watch your iPad or are with your cell phone, there are applications and programs that will help you make this process much more fun and safe.

Set goals beyond burning calories

We know it, seeing you in the mirror and feeling comfortable with what you have achieved is a great motivation to exercise. However, if you base your routine on this goal, it can lose validity, either because you don’t see results as fast as you would like or because it is no longer a priority for you. The important thing about exercising is that you manage to find an activity that excites you and makes you disconnect from your daily tasks, thus you will achieve a balance between your obligations and your physical and emotional health. Set yourself small peaks to climb: find an exercise mode that you love, increase the minutes in duration, increase the difficulty; Fill yourself with your own victories, they are the most important!


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