Decorative mirrors

Decorative mirrors: how to use them to decorate your home?

Mirror, mirror, how can I make my home a much more beautiful space? The answer is in front of you: brushing your teeth, combing your hair, getting ready to go out or have a video call, or checking your outfit. This element that is present throughout your day can add light and space to your home, and give it a different and special touch. So at La Haus, we share some tips for you to use mirrors as decorative elements and get the most out of it.

Tips for decorating with mirrors

1. Put mirrors in front of the windows, this way you will make the spaces look much larger, you will increase their luminosity and you will multiply a good view. This is known as the ‘double window effect’.

2. Place decorative mirrors in hallways, stairs, or narrow spaces; if you place them at the end you will generate a depth and if you put them on a side wall you will be able to widen the space.

3. Use a mirror in the hall or in the hall of your house. In this way, you will expand the environment, give it a touch of distinction and we assure you that it will be very useful because it will allow you and your guests to take a look before leaving home.

4. Use candles or a lamp to take advantage of the mirrors at night, you can illuminate and create a special atmosphere.

5. Take care of the lighting of the mirrors in the bathroom to avoid generating shadows and distortions, the ideal is to use sidelight.

6. Add a unique touch to the mirrors including some elements made by yourself, such as fringes or flowers, you will be able to highlight a space and highlight your style in the decoration of your home.

7. Prefer mirrors of different sizes and shapes to decorate a complete wall, you will prevent it from looking overloaded and you will add dynamism. If what you are looking for is sobriety, place them symmetrically.

8. Check that the light bounces and is not reflected from the front, in this way you will avoid glare and achieve brighter spaces.

9. Forget the idea of ​​hanging all the mirrors, leaning them against a wall can look great and will help you become a focal point.

10. Avoid placing a mirror in front of your bed, the feeling of having someone else in the room is not pleasant or relaxing. Prefer a sidewall to multiply the space.


  • Take care of what they reflect. Make sure that your decorative mirrors do not show an empty wall or an unattractive space so as not to detract from the warmth of the environment.
  • Avoid putting a very small mirror on a large wall. Prefer larger mirrors or create a multi-element composition, with either more mirrors or pictures.
  • Use frames that go well with the rest of the decoration. If you opt for framed mirrors, check that they look good with the other elements and that they follow the same decorative line.
  • Maintain a suitable height when hanging. That they decorate does not mean that they lose usefulness, keep them at eye level.
  • Use the right tools. Some mirrors can be hung without a problem, while others will need to be attached with a special glue, so check with the manufacturer for instructions.
  • Measure and mark the place where you will locate them. Make the pencil, the meter and the tape your best allies so that the decorative mirrors are at the exact point you want.

According to Feng Shui, mirrors will also help you enhance the positive energy in your home and ward off problems. Sounds good right? Take advantage of decorative mirrors and try one or two spaces in your house.

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