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Decorate your home with the colors for decoration that will be a trend this 2021

If you are thinking of changing the decoration of your home or painting some walls to fill your house with life, this article can help you. At La Haus we tell you all about the colours for decoration that will be a trend for 2021.

Pantone Color 2021

Annually, the Pantone Color Institute publishes what the colour of the year will be. For 2021 they chose two colours that will set trends for fashion, design, decoration and others.

The first of these is the Ultimate Gray. According to Pantone, this grey “evokes feelings of solidity and reliability that are eternal and that provide a firm foundation”, for this reason, “inspires security and conveys feelings of composure, stability and resilience”. These colours will help you turn your home into a relaxing space.

Trend colors Color Illuminating 2021 - La Haus

The second colour is Illuminating. This is a “bright and cheerful yellow, which generates liveliness and effervescence”, and is inspired by the energy of the sun.

Why these colours?

Taking into account the experiences of the coronavirus pandemic, the Pantone Color Institute selected two shades that convey strength, hope and energy, the indicated to overcome a situation of uncertainty.

“The union of an enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow that represents the Illuminating expresses a message of positivity, combined with strength. This combination of colours – practical and solid yet at the same time warm and optimistic – offers us resilience and hope. We are encouraged and comforted, essential to the human soul,” said Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Latrice Wiseman.

Did you like these colours? You can include them in the decoration of your home through decorative elements (such as cushions, fabrics and small details) or by painting a wall.

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