Decorate with neon lights

Decorate with neon lights, a trend to illuminate your home

Neon lights are all the rage. They illuminate, add personality to spaces and captivating, almost hypnotically, all eyes. You may think that this trend is only for bold people, who are looking for a futuristic decoration, but it is not like that, it can also work with traditional styles; and today, at La Haus, we give you some examples.

This lighting, typical of cafes and restaurants of the 50s and 60s, offers shapes and colours as varied as you can imagine: signs, words, phrases or silhouettes are part of its range of options; so giving fresh and captivating air to your home is a matter of choice.

In the children’s room

A star, a cloud, a rainbow, or a unicorn? Renderings will always be a great idea for the spaces of the little ones, this helps them to appropriate their space, promotes imagination and, if they are still struggling with the fear of the dark, the neon light will be an infallible ally. Remember to play with the size so that it is in harmony with the rest of the objects in your room.

In your bedroom

The neon lights in your room could give you the illusion of ambient light if you choose warm lighting, which in turn will act as an invitation to rest at bedtime. We recommend choosing a neon with a phrase that inspires and motivates you.

In common spaces

Signalling where the social spaces of your house are is an excellent idea to decorate with neon lights. How about neon that indicates where the bar, kitchen or bathroom is? Here you have two options: words or arrows, both work very well.

In small spaces that you want to stand out

On a table, in a painting, on a desk or wherever you imagine, neon lights not only vary in shape and colour but also in size and support, this means that you can hang, support or stick them, according to what you want to achieve.

In short, neon’s are a very original way to illuminate without generating excessive spending, because being led lights you can keep them on for a long time without heating up or consuming a lot of energy.

Would you dare to decorate with neon lights to illuminate and personalize your home?


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