residential housing the best sellers

Average and residential housing the best sellers during the pandemic

The health emergency due to coronavirus marked changes in the real estate sector and, as in any crisis, there are sectors that win and others that not so much.

Although housing sales have fallen in general, there are areas that only lowered their rate of transactions, such is the case of Benito Juarez and Cuauhtémoc in CDMX, municipalities that remain active and in the first half of 2020 presented a greater number of transactions.

What house do we Mexicans buy during the pandemic?

The middle and residential segments have been the most dynamic during this health emergency. Properties in a price range of 2 to 3.9 million have been the ones that buyers are looking for the most.

Some of the reasons are greater supply, they are properties that can be acquired through a bank mortgage or with Infiniti. Recall that as of 2020, the mortgage agency grants financing of up to 1.8 million, which allows its beneficiaries to more easily buy properties in the middle segment.

Where is there more supply of middle and residential housing?

Although historically Benito Juarez has been a mayor’s office with high sales movement in the Residential Plus segment (above 5.6 million), in 2020 this segment has decreased its sales by 80% compared to 2019 and the Residential sub-segment already represents 39% of mayoral sales.

For its part, in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, although it is a district with greater diversity in the housing segment, in the last two quarters there has been greater participation of the middle and traditional segments.

The high residential segment (3.5 million pesos) went from having the participation of 30% in 2018 to 50% in 2020. Driven by the low residential sub-segment (2.8 million pesos).

The Azcapotzalco mayor’s office has large participation in the middle segment (1.3-2.8 million pesos) and in the low-income and upper-middle residential segment. It is one of the few municipalities that had been growing in 2019 before the outbreak of the pandemic.

In the Metropolitan Area, the Medium segment is the one with the best panorama. In addition, it has a high available stock since 2018, which means that as a buyer you will have more purchase options and negotiation possibilities.

More tips for a safe trading

The most representative developers

Within the middle and residential segment, these are the developers with the most offer by municipality:

  • Benito Juarez: Lave, Class, GDC and DE&CA
  • Cuauhtémoc: Metropolitan GAP, 3 thousand, Group Urbana and Quire Casa
  • Azcapotzalco: Group Coronation, Been Hagar Constructor, PIH Desarrollos and Promoter Reside.


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