home into a relaxing space

5 ways to turn your home into a relaxing space

Home should be synonymous with tranquillity and comfort. However, when we think of distracting ourselves and relaxing, the first thing on our minds is going on vacation or escaping to a spa; little do we associate these terms with our house. At La Haus we give you some tips so that this changes and your apartment or house is your refuge and becomes your relaxing space.

1. Keep your spaces tidy

Less is more! Clean and orderly spaces are proven to promote a peaceful environment. Take out all your belongings, take a good look at what you have and get rid of what you don’t really need; fix that piece of furniture that has been nagging you for years; Say goodbye to the clothes that you haven’t worn for years and leave only what you wear and what makes you happy.

2. Take care of your lighting

Surround yourself with warm lights, they will help you achieve a relaxing, cozy and intimate environment; saving yellow bulbs are an excellent option. We also advise you to avoid ceiling lamps in your room, better use floor lamps and direct the bulbs to the ceiling to achieve a uniform light. Use flexible wall lights if you are a night reader.

3. Surround yourself in green

You already know how much we like plants, but they are not only ideal for decoration, they also help purify the oxygen that you breathe in a closed environment, which reduces stress. Sansevieria is one of the most effective plants.

Purifying Plants - Sansevieria - La Haus

4. Choose a corner and make it yours

In addition to having your room and your bathroom, adapt a little corner of your home for you! Whether it is to do your daily meditation, practice yoga, exercise, read or have a glass of wine or a good coffee.

5. Choose wisely when decorating

Finally, choose the colours and decoration well. Make your house feel homey by adding blankets and cushions to your armchair, choose a rug that in addition to looking good is comfortable to walk around your home without shoes and avoid garish colours on your walls.

Welcome home, the place that will receive you with open arms when you have a hard day at work, where you will receive your friends as soon as we can meet again and where you will start creating incredible moments. If you still can’t find that place, at La Haus we are here to help you.


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